Saturday, November 5, 2016

never have i thought...


Assalamualaikum followers! (koya)

Gosh, its been almost 3 years I've neglecting this blog. I'm so sorry my love.

Like seriously, I thought I would be updating my blog every month just like i said in few posts before, which was when I was 15... duhhh 
And now, I'm almost 20! It's a bitter-sweet reality.

well, clearly so many things happened in 3 years while leaving this blog all alone, 
without it's little gorgeous writer.

-I've finish my SPM on 2014
-I attended to International Islamic College on May 2015
-and then transfer to Centre for Foundation Studies IIUM a month later
-studied there for a year and a half
-finally i graduated and waiting for an offer to continue my degree in IIUM

well that's the rough sketch of my life.

What made me think of coming back writing? 
it's all because of 1 trip and a friend who encourages me to start writing again. 
thank you dear. 
I will be posting an entry including her blog in it.

this entry is kind of a warm up for me, because in shaa Allah, from this day on, 
i will try to keep this blog updated.

once a week, once in a month, not making any promises.

like who does want to read it anyway.

Alrighty then. see ya in next post!