Saturday, November 5, 2016

never have i thought...


Assalamualaikum followers! (koya)

Gosh, its been almost 3 years I've neglecting this blog. I'm so sorry my love.

Like seriously, I thought I would be updating my blog every month just like i said in few posts before, which was when I was 15... duhhh 
And now, I'm almost 20! It's a bitter-sweet reality.

well, clearly so many things happened in 3 years while leaving this blog all alone, 
without it's little gorgeous writer.

-I've finish my SPM on 2014
-I attended to International Islamic College on May 2015
-and then transfer to Centre for Foundation Studies IIUM a month later
-studied there for a year and a half
-finally i graduated and waiting for an offer to continue my degree in IIUM

well that's the rough sketch of my life.

What made me think of coming back writing? 
it's all because of 1 trip and a friend who encourages me to start writing again. 
thank you dear. 
I will be posting an entry including her blog in it.

this entry is kind of a warm up for me, because in shaa Allah, from this day on, 
i will try to keep this blog updated.

once a week, once in a month, not making any promises.

like who does want to read it anyway.

Alrighty then. see ya in next post!


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Busy Me :3


puff puff...
sorry, to many spider web here

aaahhh... here we go

miss me?.. yeah i know :P
like seriously, it's been a busy year for me.busier than last year
-Ruling the school..MUAHAHAHA
-SMU beb
-focusing on quran


it's the month of Zulhijjah now,
tomorrow is Arafah day
we all are encouraged to fasting tomorrow..
insyaAllah i will

two days away to Eid Adha
can't wait for digging in some beefs...
bon apetit!

the important thing is
couples of days from now..
and it is even more depressing than PMR
-Alquranul kareem
-Malaysia Language
-Tarikhul Islami
-Adab Nusus
-Nahu Sorof
-Feqah AlIslami

there are 14 subs all together
and my brain are goin' to pop any seconds now

POP ..... BOOM!

huhhhh.... pray for me guys.
it is the most precious certificate anyone could've ever had.
 so wish me luck



  • 7'th Generation of MTSTM
  • MTAQ
  • Maahad Muhammadi lilbanat
  • Maahad Muhammadi lilbanin
and all form 4 Kelantan Islamic Foundation's school..
make our year the best year of all years.. :P

bye y'alls

Saturday, May 4, 2013

campaigning is FUN


now here some photos i could snap. how's not much but kinda enough to show how fun it is.

at kg.bla bla bla.they welcome us happily..(?)

flashmobbing near at my town council
 hon!.. poonn..ponnnnnn

 last night before election.

oraity then.... that's all.sorry because i'm so lazy to upload all pictures.

what y'all think of our outfits?

good night.
ini kalilah!

vote for a change

kalau x jawab dosa kalau jawab sayang(Maria Elena style)

how y'all doin'? fine?

Alhamdulillah wa syukurillah for giving me this opportunity to update my blog.

as you all know,we are in PRU13 season.
it's been years waiting for the next election(which is tomorrow)
to make a CHANGE on Malaysia.
last year,we have Hijau ke Putrajaya,Himpunan Hijau and more.

on the 20th of April(i think) there was Nomination for General Election13.
i was at school at that whole family came to kelantan to support my dad.
he will be competing against bla bla bla at bla bla bla.
well that day,we did "solat hajat" at the school field.

after that,the campaigning session begins.
my dad visit all over his town council at bla bla bla.
looks fun.
i got to join too.
i went at some places by was fun.
and there's one thing we called"FLASHMOB" which we hold flags or banners
and stand just at the roadside showing them our manifesto.and ask them to give a "hon"
as to show their support.
it was held all over Malaysia.

tomorrow is the election day.hope for the best for islam.
vote for change.
Kekal Kelantan,Ubah Putrajaya
Ini Kalilah!

p/s:photos will be updated at the next post.

Friday, February 15, 2013

i say i't's alright ;)


this is for Parent Trap's fan

lame tak  tengok cerite tuh.

another session -_-

huhh-mengeluh sini jap

adoyai,esok kene balik hostel dah.
sekejap la cuti kali ni.
ye la en,budak intensif cuti sikit je la.

cuti kali ni,tempat tidur tersangatla tidak tetap.
 1st day kat rumah kawan
2nd day kat bilik mak
3rd day kat bilik opah,
4th day kat hospital-teman mak
5th day which is the last night kat bilik mak plak kot-anak manje
best jgak en c:

currently x start packing lagi
mak dah pesan dah sruh cepat,kalau x esok kelam kabut.
teks syarahan utk bertanding kat skolah x cari lagi,
jumpe dah tapi x edit and print lagi.
maleh2 =_='

malam ni ade football match,
xtau nak sokong mane satu.. hahakss
of coz la selangor homeland
kalau kalah pon my 2nd homeland ade..-kelantan
asal usul skolah bak kate my junior Amirah Amran

tak rela balik skolah sebab kene menghadapi peraturan skolah yg baru.
lagi men"stress"kan ade la.
except for the black scarf and sluar slack XD

pastu kene start pakai tudung purple(PRS)
kinda funny for me i think.

okeh2..kene start packing dah ni.
kalau x esok bangun lewat lagi kelam kabut.

pray for the best for me at school.
after a month blaja physics,chemist and bio ni..
memang memeningkan.
insyaAllah bleh catch up after this.
pray for me :)

i end my post with
wabillahitaufiq wal hidayah

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

senyap je

ade orang tuh..
kat skolah x cakap
kat fb pon x cakap

busy sangatla agaknyer.
i'm so boring.

cam hape je.